Starting A Farm Sanctuary

Before you dive into the wonderful world of sanctuary life, please make sure you’ve done your homework as well as considered all the ideas/recommendations on this page. It’s not just for your own benefit, but for the individuals in your future care. Most new sanctuaries fold within the first year, so we want to make sure you are set up for success!

Most Important – Volunteer & Intern

One of the first questions we will ask is have you been volunteering at a farm sanctuary, at least once a week, for the past year? The big reason being, like anything else in life, you don’t know the amount of work and if it’s for you, until you do it. Once a week is the least one can commit to to see, when in reality it’s a 24/7 commitment.

The year of volunteering is to see how the work changes through the seasons. It might be easy to get out of bed in the summer, but those cold winter nights could be another story. Checking the heat lamps and going out to feed individuals early in the morning, might be something you may not have thought of.

With the growing number of farm sanctuaries, and the romanticized view in which they’re portrayed in the media, it’s very important to see that it’s not just about cuddling with cows and running with chickens. It’s a lot of work too with financial and fundraising commitments, sanctuary tours, fixing fences, setting up infrastructure, emergencies, medical bills, organizing volunteers, cleaning up a lot of poo and so much more. The best way to learn the actual work load is volunteering or doing an internship at a farm sanctuary.

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